About kids


We know that children are the most important, so we've got their fun and safety during your stay. 






    • Laguna Beach is a gated complex, so you can rest assured that your children will not go outside where there is movement of cars or crowds of strangers;
    • Guarded cameras lanes in the complex including playgrounds;
    • We have a savior during working hours at the pool;
    • Special surface on the playground, which prevents injury from falling;
    • The beach is ideal for children - the sand is fine and nice and the sea is shallow without pitfalls or pits . 






    • Children's section in the pool, which is suitable for our youngest guests, as is 50 cm;
    • Fun water slide;
    • Room for children aged between 4 and 8 years old, which consists of a rope maze and fully secured pool with soft plastic balls ;
    • Large outdoor playground combining various devices such as a climbing frame, slides, etc..;
    • Animators involved in the day with the children, and their various games and activities;
    • You can also hire instructors for tennis, to teach your child to shoot a bow, play with him at table tennis, foosball or darts, or save it to lessons in kite-surfing. 



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